Jazz Music Cocktail Bar

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Drinks that tell a story, remember a person or represent a song, classic and original drinks that emulsify flavors and evoke feelings.

Our Cocktails


Music is an incredible expression that the human being has within his reach to create or enjoy it; since with it, he is allowed to express even his deepest feelings.

At Parker and Lennox, we’re not just a jazz scene, or just a blues bar, or a psychedelic cumbia forum; there are no genres here, there is great music here, and we focus on showing it in its maximum splendor in a live act, and enjoy it by overflowing unique, ephemeral and unrepeatable feelings, with good cocktails and delicious food in between.

The melody, the song, the lyrics and their rhythms, can take so many forms in turn, that they seem to be unrelated to each other; but all together, they have as their main aspiration to reach the beauty and value that means communicating with the masses; thus achieving a sublime connection between performers and audience.